How many days in advance can I cancel a reservation without cancellation charges?

March 29, 2024.

If you cancel 60 days before arrival, the cancellation fee is free and the advance payment will be refunded. In the event of unpredictable situations, such as wars, quarantines, border closures, deaths or the like, we will refund the advance in full.

Can accommodation be arranged for more than 8 people?

March 29, 2024.

If you book on time, or if we have free dates, we can provide accommodation for 30 people in 4-5 holiday homes that accommodate 6-8 people. In this case, you will be at a distance of about 100 meters. All houses have swimming pools and the same number of rooms.

6. Kolika je sezonska zarada, a koliko su troškovi?

March 22, 2024.
Zarada ovisi o više faktora – položaju i veličini nekretnine, posebnim sadržajima, o kapacitetu itd. Troškovi također ovise o različitim faktorima – veličini okućnice, broju soba,  veličini staklenih stijena, dodatnim sadržajima kao što su hidromasažni bazeni i sl. Nakon našeg posjeta i uvidom u stanje vaše nekretnine šaljemo vam ponudu s kompletnim održavanjem i potencijalnom zaradom koju možete ostvariti u jednoj sezoni te ćete tako imati uvid kolika vam je potencijalna neto zarada kada oduzemete sve troškove. Svim našim klijentima predlažemo da se 20% sezonske zarade uvijek uloži u osvježavanje nekretnine (novi namještaj, bojanje zidova , novi sadržaj) kako bi ona ostala godinama  aktualna i u skladu s trendovima.

What would be seasonal earnings, and what are the costs?

March 22, 2024.

Earnings depend on several factors – the position and size of the property, special facilities, capacity, etc.

Costs also depend on various factors – the size of the garden, number of rooms, size of glass walls, additional facilities such as whirlpools, etc. After our visit and insight into the condition of your property we send you an offer with complete maintenance and potential earnings that you can make in one season and you will have an insight into your potential net earnings when you deduct all expenses. We suggest to all our clients that 20% of seasonal earnings are always invested in refreshing the property (new furniture, painting the walls, new content) so that it remains contemporary for years and in line with trends.

Want to renovate my property. How can you help me?

March 22, 2024.

If you want to renovate a house, redecorate a garden or buy new furniture, our team and partners are here for you. You can leave the renovation entirely to us, or if you want to hire your own team of contractors, we can help you by supervising the works. We will make sure that everything is done with quality and, most importantly – within the agreed deadline and budget. Throughout the process, we send you progress reports along with photos, so you can change or add something if you wish.

How does renting a home work if I also want to use the property for myself?

March 22, 2024.

Simple – you tell us when you want to use your holiday home and it will be reserved for that period just for you. The house will be ready with clean linen, towels and other necessities as if you were a guest. It is important that you book the desired period as soon as possible, so that other guests do not book it before you, because in that case we have to respect the wishes of the guest.

What conditions do I have to comply in order to rent a house?

March 22, 2024.

It is necessary:

  • Obtain a decision on the approval of provision of hospitality and catering services in the household (categorization)
  • Obtain a standardized plate of categorization
  • Registration in the Register of taxpayers (for new renters)
  • Enter in VAT system and get VAT number
  • Apply to the tourist association
  • Make an official price list, evacuation plan and house rules