Things To Think About Before You Buy A Vacation House in Croatia

May 3, 2021.

You’ve decided to buy a holiday home in Croatia? Congratulations! Before you sign a sales contract, we give you tips on what to attend to when choosing a home.

The purpose of the holiday home

When buying a holiday home, be sure what purpose will have; for personal use, tourism, or both.

If you use the house only for yourself, you can customize it to your own needs and desires. Keep in mind if you want renovations and interventions on the property, that you may not be present. You will have to give the key to various contractors.

Most holiday homes in Istria and Primorje are suitable for the summer season, so they probably do not have an adequate heating system. Fireplaces are rarely or never used. Therefore is necessary to check their functionality and efficiency.

If you want to make money from renting a property in the period when you do not spend time in it, here are what you need to think about:

  • be prepared to take time in the beginning to obtain documentation to meet the rental conditions
  • be sure you have a place in the house to store the things you don’t want your guests to see and use
  • do not forget the cost of equipping the accommodation for tourists. Bed linen, pillows, and others require an additional 160-180 € per bed. For instance, the equipment for a house with a capacity of 6 people costs about 1000 euros,
  • of course, tourists do not come alone. You will need to advertise the accommodation, set the rental price based on the position and characteristics of the facility.

Maintenance of the house in the period when it is not used

In winter vacation house must be aerated and inspected once a month. Closed not heated vacation houses often develop mold on the walls, mattresses, and bathrooms, and their repair requires time and money.
Pipe ruptures, storms, and other disasters require urgent interventions.

Swimming pool and garden

Do you want a neat lawn and garden? Quality, thick grass requires regular mowing, depending on the rains. The more regularly the grass is mowed, the denser and more beautiful the grass is. If you have a swimming pool, starting it for the season requires expertise to bring it into a state with ideal Ph and chlorine parameters.

Sounds discouraging? Whether you are buying a vacation home exclusively for yourself or want to earn extra income from tourism, find a property management company in the area. The most ideal are those companies that do both maintenance and rental of accommodation because they have to receive good reviews for cleanliness and kindness. That directly reflects on the bookings. If you find a local cleaner paid by the hour, you will have a hard time motivating her to excel because her salary will not depend on good reviews.
If you are buying the property in eastern Istria or around Opatija, feel free to contact our company Mayren management and rentals through e-mail to solve all issues related to renovations and other interventions on the property, monitoring and documenting the phases of work, holding keys, obtaining rental documents, purchasing tourist supplies, maintenance houses in the period when not in use, interventions, landscaping and swimming pools, rental services, tourist reception and cleaning in shifts.

You buy a vacation home to rest in it and not to work on it. Feel like VIP guests in your home away from your home!