Labin Public Museum: Mining Heritage

June 15, 2024.

The Public Museum Labin, located in the baroque palace Battiala-Lazzarini, is one of the most original museums in Croatia. This museum brings to life the rich mining history of Labin through a fascinating reconstruction of a mining setting in its cellars. It also explores various aspects of local history and famous figures such as Josip Belušić, the inventor of the first electric speedometer.

Exploring the Depths: A Journey Through Istria’s Mining Heritage

One of the most impressive parts of the museum is its cellars. Visitors can journey through the time tunnel of Istria’s mining history. The fascinating reconstruction of a mining setting in a tunnel measuring 150 meters provides an authentic experience of the life and work of Labin’s miners through the centuries. This experience not only revives memories of the past but also highlights the importance of mining in shaping Labin’s identity as a city.

History of Labin

The Public Museum Labin also explores the broader history of Labin through various aspects of life in this city. Visitors can learn about the Labin Uskoks battle, the legendary Law of the Cauldron, and other key events that shaped the region. Interactive maps and musical recordings of traditional Istrian instruments further enrich the visitors’ experience. They provide a deeper understanding of local culture and tradition.

First electric speedometer

One of the prominent figures in the museum is Josip Belušić, a physicist and mathematician born near Labin. In 1888, Belušić constructed the first electric speedometer, whose invention revolutionized modern transportation. The story of Belušić adds further richness to the museum’s collection. It underscores the importance of Labin in the history of science and technology.

A visit to the Labin Public Museum provides an unforgettable journey through time and space, revealing the richness and diversity of local history. If you want to spend an active day in Istria, check out our blog: